Testimonials for Awake Herbal

Don’t just take our word for it, read the amazing testimonials of our satisfied customers. Try AWAKE products for yourself and let us know if our formulas have helped to super-charge your brain and improve your cognitive capabilities.

“My work involves completing legal contracts, which sometimes requires me to stay and work late. The next day I can feel tired and in need of a boost for another busy schedule. I tried AWAKE and found it gave me all the mental focus I needed without the tiredness. I’ve also used AWAKE when driving long distances and found it gave me a clear head when I needed it most.”

Kay Wain

“While completing my degree at Canterbury University, I stayed up studying for two nights until early in the morning and needed to do a third night. I was so tired I didn’t think I could do it, so I used the AWAKE formula. To my surprise it worked, so I used it again the morning before my exam and almost felt like I was cheating, as I could so clearly recall the information I had been cramming.”

Joanna Phillips


I drive trucks from Auckland to Invercargill, I use Drive awake daily as I find it gives me the focus I need to keep alert on my runs. I notice it gives me sustained mental energy over many hours unlike other products, which cost much more per day and drop of quickly. I have a bottle ready in my essential  “Go” bag, so its always at hand.

Ash Poipoi Long Hawl Truck driver


I am a Tour Guide .I did a  tour with 2 American tourists to private chauffeur them from Auckland up to Russell in Northland, then right through the North Island visiting Hobbiton and various sights, to Wellington.

From there an extensive tour of the South Island.

The husband was fairly deaf and preferred to sit in the back seat, which allowed his wife to take the front.   Of course she was chatty, very chatty, and loud.


In the South Island I had to negotiate the inland road from Picton to Hanmer Springs because of the earthquake damaged Kaikoura Coast.

The detour road was hazardous with many large trucks and dence traffic .

During this tour some days were long and driving difficult.

Joanne Shaxon asked me to trial Drive Awake which was extraordinary.   Three small squirts on the tongue of this pleasant tasting, herbal elixir changed my foggy head, tired demeanour and feeling of wanting to drop off to sleep.

I was awake, alert and safe for the duration of each drive, some quite challenging.

My recommendation is that anyone driving any distance has Drive Awake on hand to keep them fresh and alert.


Colleen Doyle Tour Guide