awake herbal photo of Joanne and Mike Shaxon founders


It all started with a knock on Joanne Shaxon’s front door in 1998, and the words no one ever wants to hear. “There has been an accident and I think Mike has been badly injured.”
Joanne raced down the farm to find a 4×4 truck had tipped over, and was on top of her husband Mike, who had been knocked unconscious.
They managed to free him and called the ambulance. Mike had broken several ribs, suffered shoulder injuries, and with the added complication of oxygen deprivation, was left with a head injury.
As a result, Mike suffered fatigue, mild memory loss and the inability to concentrate if he had late nights or long working days. A neuropsychologist diagnosed him as having a 20 percent loss of brain function and told Mike he had little hope of further recovery – that he would have to cope as best he could.

Before the accident, Mike had been working in a job that required him to take seminars and communicate with large groups of people. He loved to natter, and was known by the cheeky nickname ‘Have-a-chat’. But afterwards, Joanne noticed the house went quiet, as Mike’s normal chattiness disappeared.

In 2001, Mike was doing some building work for Registered Medical Herbalist, Michael McCammon, who talked to Mike about his condition, and created a herbal formula for him to try.

It made an immediate difference. Mike’s energy returned, and he experienced an almost instant ability to stay focused and concentrate over long periods. He no longer suffered from fatigue and was able to return to his previous work.

The couple was delighted with the results, Joanne was working in her office and decided to give the formula a try herself, to boost her work output The first time she tried it, she said she felt like she had “Just woken up from a nap and had a cup of coffee. It was like my brain said, hello – let’s go!”

In one of their chatty sessions about the positive impact of the formula on their lives, Joanne and Mike said, “Why keep this to ourselves, when so many others can benefit from it too?”

They approached Michael McMammon about the possibility of distributing the product, now known as AWAKE, which led to them founding the Awake Herbal Company.
Soon after, the Shaxon’s tested AWAKE on their son-in-law, a long-haul truck driver, and his workmates, who all reported sustained concentration over several hours and better results than other products they had tried. They all wanted to buy it, which led to the creation of DRIVE AWAKE, a companion to the original product, WORK AWAKE. A third product STUDY AWAKE is the latest product under the AWAKE brand. (link back to each of the three pages here)


Are you inspired by Joanne and Mike’s story, and ready to start your own AWAKE journey?