Live your best life

Naturally boost energy and performance for driving, work, study and play

AWAKE’s three unique herbal formulas have been designed to support your focus, concentration and alertness, and prevent the negative effects of tiredness, whatever the tasks you are undertaking.

Our non-addictive, natural blends of powerful herbs have been specifically formulated to support and maintain concentration levels without the highs and lows which can be experienced with artificial stimulants. As well as significantly improving your productivity during work or study. AWAKE products may also help to enhance your safety for tasks like driving or operating machinery, when lack of concentration can have serious consequences.

Just three simple sprays on the tongue each day is all it takes to maintain alertness and mental focus. Our convenient spray bottles can be easily stored in your vehicle, desk or bag, so help is always at hand to keep you functioning at your best.

Choose from three AWAKE products developed specially for your needs

Work, Drive and Study Awake are the same formula conveniently packaged to suit your needs

The story behind AWAKE

The AWAKE product range has been developed by Registered Medical Herbalist, Michael McCammon of New Zealand Herbals Ltd (who has been in clinical practice for over 30 years), in conjunction with Joanne and Mike Shaxon, founders of Awake Herbal Company. Their association was formed when Mike Shaxon had a brain injury following an accident and was treated successfully using Michael’s special herbal formulation. AWAKE products are made in New Zealand by Professional Herbs, which takes care to fulfil all regulatory requirements.

The SECRET INGREDIENT in AWAKE products is the Gotu Kola herb, a staple in traditional Chinese, Indonesian and Ayurvedic medicine. Studies have shown the gotu kola herb may help to support healthy cognitive function, enhance memory and nerve function, and encourage mental clarity. Other potential benefits of the herb which have been identified, include improved mood and circulation, and a reduction in anxiety and stress. The Gotu Kola herb contains (among many other properties) centellasaponins A, B, C, and D, and madecassoside (brahminoside) asiaticoside A, B, C, D, E, and F.


  • Are designed to support mental
  • alertness and attention span
  • Encourage healthy cognitive function
  • Helps to support improved performance and productivity
  • Contain all-natural premium ingredients
    Are not tested on animals
  • Have no artificial stimulants or artificial preservatives
  • Have no fillers
  • Are suitable for adults